The Artist in Time (Baring Foundation and Herbert Press, forthcoming July 2020)

Politics of Food, eds. Dani Burrows and Aaron Cezar (Delfina Foundation and Sternberg, 2019)

Simon Terrill, Crowd Theory 2004-18: Perspectives, Notes and Comments (editor, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, 2019)

Aki Sasamoto: Clothes Line (White Rainbow, 2018)

Marisa Futernick: 13 Presidents (editor, Slim Volume, 2016)

Ha-Ha Crystal(Copy Press, 2016)

Eley Williams: Top Reads of 2016

‘Plumbing a terrain of non-linearity … it is the author’s wry observations as willing or accidental bystander or participant which run throughout the book… where subtle attention to the farcial and invented spaces of perception is surprisingly turned into deregulated terrains of thought.’ – Chris McCormack, ‘Winter Reading’, Art Monthly, no. 402, December 2016 – January 2017.

Colin Guillement (Galerie Le point Fort, 2015) (read the essay here)

Peter van Gheluwe: Gnomon (Roberto Polo Gallery, 2015)

Matt Calderwood (Baltic and De La Warr Pavilion, 2015)

Out of Time, Out of Place: Public Art (Now) (ed. Clare Doherty, Situations and Art/Books, 2015)

Curating Research (eds. Paul O’Neill and Mick Wilson, Open Editions, 2014)

Gavin Murphy: On Seeing Only Totally New Things (Royal Hibernian Academy and Irish Architectural Foundation, 2013)

The Andrew Book Project: Shaan Tariq Hassan-Syed (Form Content and S1 Artspace, 2013)

Ahali: An Anthology for Setting a Setting (ed. Can Altay, Bedford Press, 2013)

Dennis McNulty: Obscure Flows Boil Underneath (IMMA Associated Press, 2012)

Edward Thomasson: Inside (South London Gallery, 2012)

The Golden Bough (Dublin City Hugh Lane Gallery, 2011)

Sonia Shiel: More Rules Than Road (Royal Hibernian Academy, 2010)

Quiet Revolution (Southbank Centre, 2009)

David Godbold: Representations of the Natural World (Galerie Paul Kusseneers, 2008)

Mother’s Annual 2007 (Mother’s Tankstation, 2007)


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