Themes & Threads

It seemed necessary to group together various articles and essays from over the years – as an ongoing line of thought or just related in theme or approach. These will be clustered according to what’s been published more recently, and will shift accordingly; it is by no means comprehensive.

Food, Hygiene Culture and Cheese

Redefining the Food Film: Imagined Food Futures, Vittles, Season 6, February 2023

A Hovering Sense of Opacity, in Gavin Murphy: Remaking the Crust of the Earth (Set Margins, 2023)

Dafna Maimon: Dirty Play, ArtReview, Vol. 74, No.1, January – February 2022

Now Wash Your Hands: a short history of dirt and germs in contemporary art‘, Art Review, Vol. 67, No. 4, Summer 2015

Preposition Risk, May 2020

‘Re-Localising Industrial Cheeses’, in The Politics of Food (eds. Dani Burrows and Aaron Cezar, Delfina Foundation/Sternberg, 2019)

Turning Green: art, science fiction and the food of tomorrow‘, Frieze 205, September 2019

Food: Bigger Than the Plate, ArtAgenda, July 2019

Adventures of the Orange Square‘, Art + Australia, Issue 3 (54.2), Summer 2018

Tour of the Question‘, Feast Journal, January 2018

DRY CLEAN ONLY‘, Bulletins of The Serving Library, Issue 6: Fashion, December 2013 (an updated version of ‘Time For You’ in Gavin Murphy’s On Seeing Only Totally New Things, Royal Hibernian Academy, 2013)

The ‘Creative City’, Artists and Property Development

Why London’s Underground Art Spaces are Disappearing, ArtReview, Vol. 73, No. 6, October 2021

The 2010s: How Hauser & Wirth Took Over the World‘,, December 2019

New Frontiers: London’s creative strategy, Art Papers, Vol. 42, no. 3, Fall 2018

Dispatches: London,, October 2017

Dispatches: London,, May 2017

Dead Ends: The History of the Great Southwest Industrial Park‘, Art Papers, Vol. 39, Issue 4, July/August 2015

Jessie Brennan ‘Regeneration!’/Nathan Coley ‘To the Bramley Family…’, Art Monthly issue 393, February 2016

Monologue, Voice-Over and Narration

Art in the Age of the Monologue‘, ArtReview, September 2019

Keep Talking: The Death of the Unreliable Narrator‘, Art Monthly, No. 397, June 2016

Profile: Helen Cammock, Art Monthly, No. 408, July – August 2017

James Kienitz Wilkins: Hearsays, Camera Austria, No. 144, Winter 2018

And wherever I look: The back of my own head‘, essay accompanying the Kilhberg & Henry exhibition ‘Footnotes to a Long-Distance Telephone Call’, Danielle Arnaud, April 2016

I look at you now from a distance,’ brochure accompanying the Jonas Mekas Retrospective at the Austrian Filmmuseum and solo show at Krinzinger Projekte, ed. Chistoph Gnaadig, April 2013

Infrastructure, Systems and Bureaucracy

Loving the Inbox: The Artist as Bureaucrat‘, ArtReview Asia, Summer 2016

Profile: Jonathan Hoskins, Art Monthly, No. 340, October 2015

Implement‘, Various Small Fires, One Photograph Series #22, April 2014

Mike Ricketts: Remake/Remodel, Document and Location, 2019

How To Improve Your Algorithm‘, feature article, Art Monthly, issue 374, March 2014

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