Essays & Articles

Chronological list, starting from the most recent [Selected texts grouped according to a loose set of themes can be found here]

A Hovering Sense of Opacity, in Gavin Murphy: Remaking the Crust of the Earth (Set Margins, 2023)

Redefining the Food Film: Imagined Food Futures, Vittles, Season 6, February 2023

Future Greats: Eimear Walshe, ArtReview, Vol. 75, No. 1, January – February 2023

Duncan Marquiss: Syncretic Psychedelia, LUX, December 2022

Mould in the Museum, Art Monthly, No. 462, December 2022 – January 2023

Jeffrey Gibson: Revelations, ArtReview, Vol. 74, No. 7, October 2022

Mary Hurrell: Glimpses of the Crystal Skein, Collezione Taurisano, August 2022

Cal Mac: Agony to Ecstasy, One Work response text, LUX Scotland, June 2022

New Recipes for Society, in From the Pot to the Earth at Rochester Square (Sternberg, 2022)

Socle, Scale, Sequence, Kristin Posehn: Inverted Dome, 2022

Next Chapters, essay in response to Beverley Bennet’s ‘Chapters’ research project, Towner Eastbourne, March 2022

Brace, story in booklet accompanying ‘The Comrades They Were Brave – We Salute You!‘, 44GRS Gallery, March 2022

Into the Ryanverse: Tom Clancy’s Tom Clancy, The Quietus, February 2022

Dafna Maimon: Dirty Play, ArtReview, Vol. 74, No.1, January – February 2022

Rumours From Maybe Eye, in Brendan Earley: some time later (Fält, 2021)

Introduction, Commuters, Toby Christian, Koenig, 2021

Introduction: Esmeralda Conde Ruiz’s Cabin Fever, NMC Recordings, 2021

Freelancer’s Delight: Rosa Aiello’s Caryatid Encounters, ArtReview, Vol. 73, No. 7, November 2021

Why London’s Underground Art Spaces are Dissapearing, ArtReview, Vol. 73, No. 6, October 2021

‘Particulate matters’, in Claire Morgan: Joy in the Pain, Kerber Verlag, October 2021

Forego Space‘, Space Space project, September 2021

A Library of Incommensurables‘, in AISTIT/Coming to our senses, catalogue accompanying mutliple exhibitions, August 2021

Art Now: Tarek Atoui, Ian Cheng, Allison Katz and Jumana Manna reflect on how their work changed over the past year, Art Basel Stories, September 2021

Glasshouse, text introducing Niamh O’Malley online screening, Aemi, June 2021

‘Didascaliae and annotations’, text accompanying Owen Armour & Lydia Gifford: Heels and Faces, AGA Works/Torreloft, May 2021

Mapping the Forever War: Gelare Khoshgozaran, Art Review, Vol. 73, No.1, March 2021

Knowing When to Look Away: Ines Schaber and the Responsibilities and Realities of Archives, ArtReview, Vol. 72, No. 7, November 2020

Monkey See, Monkey Do: Ollie Dook, ArtReview, Vol. 72, No. 6, October 2020

True Colours: Sara Cwynar’s Red Film, ArtReview, Vol. 72, No. 5, September 2020

Debate: Should we stop defining art movements?, RA Magazine, no. 148, Autumn 2020

Purplewashing: Claiming Ambiguous Space in Johanna Billing’s In Purple‘, Afterall Art School, July 2020

Aine McBride: Inverse Amnesia, FLACC, June 2020

Dare to Be Stupid‘,, March 2020

This Muddy Eden: Hannah Brown & Christopher Orr, text accompanying the exhibition, Broadway Gallery Letchworth, February 2020

Principles of Mean Convergence‘, text accompanying Miguel Martin’s exhbition ‘Fire In the Middle‘, Naughton Gallery, Belfast, February 2020

‘Staged Encounters’, essay accompanying group exhibition ‘Beast’, Old Big School Gallery, Tonbridge, February 2020

The 2010s: How Hauser & Wirth Took Over the World‘,, December 2019

‘Move Away From the Aubergine’, Esmerelda Valencia Lindstrom publication text, RA Weston Gallery, December 2019

This Is Not By Me: Appraising AI Art, The Grey Box, October 2019

Art in the Age of the Monologue‘, ArtReview, September 2019

Turning Green: art, science fiction and the food of tomorrow‘, Frieze 205, September 2019

Mike Shultis: Elephant in the Room, text for online exhibition, PM/, July 2019

‘Afterwards: Reminders and Run-ons’, in Near, Variations, RCA Writing, 2019

Mike Ricketts: Remake/Remodel, Document and Location, 2019

Always seated, Always dancing: Douglas Gordon on Jonas Mekas, Art Basel Stories, June 2019

‘Meanwhile, On Other Spectrums’, in the booklet accompanying the event Shape of a Circle in the Mind of Fish With Plants, Serpentine Galleries, May 2019

Imogen Stidworthy: Invisible Architectures, Netwerk Aalst, April 2019

Morag Keil: Into the Maze, Frieze 201, March 2019

New Frontiers: London’s creative strategy, Art Papers, Vol. 42, no. 3, Fall 2018

Critic’s Guide: Condo London,, January 2019

The Collectors‘, in Scott Mason: A Legacy in Vanishing, Renaro, 2018

‘Larynx’s Lament’, in Niamh McCann: Furtive Tears, Dublin City Hugh Lane Gallery, 2018

Critic’s Guide: The Best of London’s September Exhibitions,, September 2018

A Dream Language‘, in Aki Sasamoto: Clothes Line, White Rainbow, July 2018

‘Dear Dennis’, in Clare Goodwin: Dennis and Denise, Nieves Verlag, 2018, alongside contributions by J. Emil Sennewald, Rebecca Geldard, Tony Grisoni, Frances Loeffler and Aoife Rosenmeyer

Amitai Romm: A Library of Sphincters‘, Dorothea Von Stetten Award 2018 Catalogue, Kunstmuseum Bonn, June 2018

Adventures of the Orange Square‘, Art + Australia, Issue 3 (54.2), Summer 2018

Profile: They Are Here, Art Monthly, No. 417, June 2018

Interview: Helen Cammock,, April 2018

In Profile: Mary Hurrell,, March 2018

Interview: Cécile B. Evans, Art Monthly, No. 413, March 2018

Tour of the Question‘, Feast Journal, January 2018

Future Greats: Amitai Romm, ArtReview, Vol. 70, No. 1, January-February 2018

‘Objects That Speak For Themselves’, Tate Etc., Issue 42, Spring 2018

Fictive Time‘, essay in response to the exhibition ‘Slow Objects’ at the Common Guild, Commentaries series, December 2017

‘Invasive Species’, essay accompanying TRACKINGSHOT #1: Desert Sessions, November 2017

Dispatches: London,, October 2017

‘Pass’, text accompanying Niamh McCann’s exhibition Furtive Tears # Pass at NCAD Gallery, Dublin, September 2017

Working Out A Way Things Might Matter: On the Writing of Stuart Morgan‘, AICA UK, July 2017 (Originally blog, September 2012)

An/Un Atomised‘, essay accompanying Simon Terrill’s Crowd Theory Thamesmead, The Link, July 2017

Profile: Helen Cammock, Art Monthly, No. 408, July – August 2017

Dispatches: London,, May 2017

Let’s Get Cynical!‘, ArtReview, Vol. 69, no. 2, March 2017

Dispatches: London,, February 2017

Letter from Santa Fe, Art Monthly, No. 403, February 2017

Locky Morris: Ridiculous Beginnings‘, essay accompanying the exhibition ‘Stop Looking At Photographs!‘, Naughton Gallery, Belfast, December 2016

Artists at Work: Ruth Ewan,, December 2016

The Mutants We Will Become‘, Frieze 182, October 2016

Loving the Inbox: The Artist as Bureaucrat‘, ArtReview Asia, Summer 2016

Keep Talking: The Death of the Unreliable Narrator‘, Art Monthly, No. 397, June 2016

‘Simon Mullan: Oculus Drift’, essay accompanying the solo exhibition ‘Die Fläche’, PM/AM, April 2016

And wherever I look: The back of my own head‘, essay accompanying the Kilhberg & Henry exhibition ‘Footnotes to a Long-Distance Telephone Call’, Danielle Arnaud, April 2016

Profile: Rachel Pimm, Art Monthly, No. 395, April 2016

Astrid Svangren: Frothing at the Mouth, essay commissioned for the solo exhibition ‘amongst all sorts of colours/ venus hair…’, Tranen, February 2016

Laura Eldret: The Modern Dance, essay commissioned for the solo exhibition ‘Gotas’, Annka Kultys Gallery, November 2015

Profile: Jonathan Hoskins, Art Monthly, No. 340, October 2015

Dead Ends: The History of the Great Southwest Industrial Park‘, Art Papers, Vol. 39, Issue 4, July/August 2015

Imaginary North‘, Magnetism at Hazelwood House, Sligo, June 2015

Now Wash Your Hands: a short history of dirt and germs in contemporary art‘, Art Review, Vol. 67, No. 4, Summer 2015

Ruth Proctor: Sympathetic Magic, Hollybush Gardens Issue #3, May 2015

Can Altay, Arcade Fine Arts, May 2015

Sean Lynch, Art Review, Vol. 67, No. 3, May 2015

The Weekly Rewind: 12 Weeks of fig-2, ICA Blog, April 2015

‘Art in “Real Time” at Sequences VII, Reykjavik, frieze blog, April 2015

‘The Lookout Never Looks Back’, in Night Fishing, catalogue accompanying the curated section in TEFAF, Maastricht, March 2015

‘Allobeous Historical Excerpt’, as part of the group show ‘Cosmic Dust‘, curated by Emma Lucy O’Brien, VISUAL Carlow, January – May 2015

How Do we Write When We Write Online, contribution to online project by Orit Gat, December 2014

Mercurial Injections,’ essay accompanying the exhibition ‘Face Down’ by Amy Petra Woodward, Chandelier, December 2014 – January 2015

‘Happy Birthday, Dick!’ in A Script for Dick, Diego Marcon, cura. books, September 2014

Scott Mason: of a final account in formation, Milton Keynes Gallery, September 2014

Postcard: Generation – 25 Years of Contemporary Art in Scotland, Frieze blog, July 2014

Kit Craig: Room Without Sculptures, Arcade Fine Arts, June 2014

Warehouse Republic‘, Iain Hales: Post-Model Montage, Standpoint Gallery and Mark Tanner Sculpture Award, May 2014

Implement‘, Various Small Fires, One Photograph Series #22, April 2014

Focus Interview: Cara Tolmie, frieze, issue 162, April 2014

How To Improve Your Algorithm‘, feature article, Art Monthly, issue 374, March 2014

Uncertain Shelter: Bivouac, Tenement, Manor‘, HOUSE, a curatorial project by MacDonald Watson, February 2014

DRY CLEAN ONLY‘, Bulletins of The Serving Library, Issue 6: Fashion, December 2013 (an updated version of ‘Time For You’)

‘Document’ in Ciaran Murphy: A Round Now, Taymour Grahne, December 2013

Not A Jar‘, Anna Barriball, Villa Stuck, July 2013

Who Watches This Stuff?‘, text on Diego Marcon’s SPOOL project, Artspace, Auckland, July 2013

Josh Tonsfeldt, VidalCuglietta, Brussels, May 2013

I look at you now from a distance,’ brochure accompanying the Jonas Mekas Retrospective at the Austrian Filmmuseum and solo show at Krinzinger Projekte, ed. Chistoph Gnaadig, April 2013

‘Agreed Terms of Tenancy,’ What About Sunday?, Silvia Baachli and Eric Hattan, Milton Keynes Gallery and Mark Pezinger Verlag, January 2013

‘Hologram for Better Living,’ LtA… a subtitle e-publication, December 2012

Working Out A Way Things Might Matter: On the Writing of Stuart Morgan‘,, September 2012

Profile: Sarah Pierce, Art Monthly, number 357, June 2012

Focus: Andy Holden, Frieze 148, June – August 2012

‘Last Orders’, text accompanying Ben Roosevelt’s exhibition The Blue Flame at Get This! Gallery, Atlanta, April 2012

Profile: Bea McMahon, Art Monthly, number 353, February 2012

‘Natural Desires,’ In Context 3, South Dublin County Council, December 2011

Short essays and contributions to the Jerwood Arts Blog, as Jerwood Writer in Residence, September -December 2011

‘Beyond Two Thousand’, short story for the TULCA: After The Fall publication, Galway, November 2011

Maria Zahle, short essay for Arcade Fine Arts presentation of Zahle’s work at the Sunday Art Fair 2011

Feedback: David Beattie, Karl Burke, Chris Fite-Wassilak, 2-part publication to accompany exhibition of the same name at Galway Arts Centre, September 2011, designed by Rory McGrath (OK-RM) and Gregory Ambos

‘Smash Hits’, article on the practice of Ruth Ewan, in 11-21 Magazine, Issue 2, CAAC, June – October 2011, to accompany her exhibition as part of the ‘Song as a Force of Social Transformation’ set of exhibitions at the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporaneo, Seville

Conversations Overheard in the Post-Readymade Parlour‘, essay in the booklet published to accompany the group show ‘Tool Use’, curated by David Beattie, Oonagh Young Gallery, June 2011

‘The Hypercosmical Assayer’, essay for the booklet, Mark Cullen: I See a Darkness, to document his exhibition of the same name at The Lab, Dublin, 2009, Dublin City Council, May 2011

Linda Quinlan, Comma 33 accompanying text, Bloomberg SPACE, February 2011

‘Beneath the Bureaucracy, The Beach: An Interview with Fernando Garcia Dory’, ArtPapers Vol 35, Issue 1, January-February 2011 (reprinted in Public Art (Now), ed. Claire Doherty, 2015)

‘Real Art 2010’, column in Visual Artists Newsletter Ireland, Issue 1, January – February 2011

‘The Balance of History’, column in Visual Artists Newsletter Ireland, Issue 6, November – December 2010

‘Each to each other dreams of other’s dreams: A Study in Dislocation’, ANAL magazine #0, October 2010

Simile, collaborative publication with Lucy Conochie, edition of 35, October 2010

‘The Hope for an Open Wound’, Circa Contemporary Art in Ireland, Issue 131, part 1, October 2010

‘Memo 3’ in Forms of Imagining #1, Project Arts Centre Exhibitions 2007, Project Press, 2007/2010

‘Beyond Collective Desire’, column in Visual Artist Newsletter Ireland, Issue 5, September – October 2010

‘Possibly Maybe’, column in Visual Artists Newsletter Ireland, Issue 4, July – August 2010

‘Beneath the cuts, the beach’, column in Visual Artists Newsletter Ireland, Issue 3, May-June 2010

‘The Secret Life of Images,’ Bruce zine, Preston, May 2010

Alicia Frankovich, text on the artist for the catalogue of the 4th Auckland Triennial ‘Last Ride in A Hot Air Balloon,’ published by Auckland Art Gallery, March 2010

AION EXPERIMENTS, text for the poster accompanying the exhibition Aion Experiments, curated by Padraic E. Moore, Project Arts Centre Dublin, 2010 (text can be read in the ‘Curator’s Notes’ section of the exhibition on the website)

‘Real Art Top Ten 2009’, column in Visual Artist Newsletter Ireland, Issue 1, January- February 2010, p. 4

‘Remnants of Days to Come’, column in the Visual Artist Newsletter Ireland, Issue 5, September – October 2009

Untitled essay co-written with Gavin Murphy, publication to coincide with ‘Automatic’, group show co-curated by Chris Fite-Wassilak and Gavin Murphy, exhibited at Auto Italia South East, London, and Pallas Contemporary Projects, Dublin, 2009

‘Telegraphs on a Quiet Revolution,’ essay for the catalogue published on the occasion of the Hayward Touring exhibition Quiet Revolution, Southbank Centre, 2009

‘Three Scenes’, column in the Visual Artist Newsletter Ireland, Issue 3, May-June 2009

Focus: Ruth Ewan, Frieze issue 123, May 2009

Focus: Anna Barriball, Frieze issue 122, April 2009

‘What’s New: Television’s Mutual Contract’, essay on London-based video artist Michelle Deignan, January 2009

‘This Way Up: Concept and Progress’, in Artistic Bedfellows: Histories, Theories and Conversations in Collaborative Art Practices, edited by Holly Crawford, University Press of America, 2008

‘Inner Space: Science Fiction and Irish Art’, feature article, Circa: Contemporary Visual Culture in Ireland, 124, Summer 2008

‘The Language of the Walls’, catalogue essay accompanying David Godbold’s exhibition ‘Representations of the Natural World’, Galerie Paul Kusseneers, March 2008

Atsushi Kaga: Irrevocable Consequences, Mother’s Tankstation Annual 2007

‘Margrét H. Blöndal’, brochure essay for Blöndal’s solo exhibition, Hafnarhus, Reykjavik Art Museum, November 2007

‘Georgia O’Keeffe: Nature and Abstraction’, brochure essay for exhibition of the same name, Irish Museum of Modern Art, March 2007

‘Unfolding Narratives: The Dublin 24 Hour Comic Challenge’, Visual Artists’ Ireland News Sheet, Issue 1, January – February 2007

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